Damage Assessment of a Composite Dish Segment

Fringe Metrology systems are appropriate for a wide range of high-end surface measurement applications. Fringe Metrology can be used to asses damage to radio reflectors from hail, or other collision.



A composite dish segment was damaged in a maintenance accident. A surface measurement was needed in order to verify that the surface was ok to operate as usual. The customer wanted to know how far the damage propagated to the rest of the surface, and wanted to set a threshold at 20 micron RMS.

Image of dented composite panel


A Fringe Metrology measurement determined the size of the damaged area and the effect on the entire panel.  

A Fringe Metrology system was used to measure the surface on an optical table.

Panel Being Measured

The measurement contains over 1 million sample points, and clearly shows the damage location

Measurement Results

It was determined that the damage was isolated to within a couple inches of the edge. The customer was able to mask that area of the panel, and successfully reinstall it onto the main dish.

Gif of damage threshold.