Antenna & Radio Telescope Dish Panels

FPM systems are appropriate for a wide range of high-end surface measurement applications. FPM utilizes advanced techniques in the science of metrology to enable users to obtain high-performance optical measurements from the outset.



Paramium Technologies had developed a prototype 32 inch hexagonal dish segment, designed to be used up to the W-band. At this high frequency, high accuracy of the surface becomes increasingly important to achieve high gain.Image of hexagonal panel

Paramium was testing a new method to machine the aluminum panel more quickly. Fringe Metrology was able to measure the surface wtih extremely high resolution, so that Paramium could easily analyze the method and determine the best course of corrective action.


Using the same system as the Damaged Panel Case Study, we were able to produce the following results. The panel error is 47.1 micron RMS. The measurement shows an area of weakness in the structure which causes it to sag. It also identifies some of the high and low structures from the machining pattern.

Measurement Results