Non-Contact & Robust

As a non-contact measurement system, FPM  reduces all aspects of uncertainty. It quickly captures surfaces with very complex characteristics, allowing for measurements of more pliable materials. By avoiding physically probing the surface, measurement error due to surface vibration is also avoided.

Accurate and Precise

Compared to other metrology options with similar capabilities, FPM can measure meter-scale areas with a sub-millimeter spatial resolution with CMM level accuracy, delivering rapid results with optimal accuracy and precision.

Rapid and Reliable

The measurement and processing time only takes a few minutes and measures millions of points instead of tens or hundreds. The system is lightweight and easily recalibrated, allowing one system to be used in multiple locations with multiple configurations.

Customizable and Affordable

The cost of our measurement system depends on your particular need, whether that be a single service measurement, a software license, or a fully assembled system. Our system prioritizes customizable hardware configurations with fixed software to deliver strong measurement specifications at an appropriate price for a wide range of applications.

Case Study

Damage Assessment of a Composite Dish Segment

Case Study

Antenna & Radio Telescope Dish Panels