FPM systems are appropriate for a wide range of high-end surface measurement applications. FPM utilizes advanced techniques in the science of metrology to enable users to obtain high-performance optical measurements from the outset.

Surface Measurement System

FPM is designed to make complex measurements of 3D surfaces with high accuracy and high spatial sampling.

Our system alleviates the challenge of extracting 3D information from digital images by using a projector. Using our unique algorithms, we enable subpixel feature matching for every pixel that lands on the test surface, which results in highly accurate surface measurements covering the surface with millions of sample points. 

Applications of Fringe Projection Metrology

The applications of FPM ranges from radio telescope dishes to rough glass surfaces. The versatility of our system is suited to measure different textures, roughness, and is able to capture varying waviness of complex surfaces.

Case Study

Damage Assessment of a Composite Dish Segment

Case Study

Antenna & Radio Telescope Dish Panels